i was at denny's tonight...

this page is about one of the weirdest experiences i've had on the internet. it all started last summer, just after i had put up my jtt hate page. a young man (who, btw, was an admitted fan of jtt) submitted a half-assed jtt fact to me for my page. even though it was pretty darn stupid, i put it up, because i had a heart at the time. well, the young man kept on emailing me. i'd reply w/ 2 sentences, he'd reply to that w/ a 7k run-on sentence. i regret to say that i trashed most of our correspondence. he still emails me, so i'm sure there will be more nuggets soon.

if you really find this intriguing (and hell, why wouldn't you?), do deja news searches on theunateen@juno.com, djkarlkrack@juno.com, and jackson5@msn.com.

sigh. now for the creepy shit.

What a surprise I must say. Thank you for taking down all that stuff that I wrote. To tell you the truth, I am sad to see it gone :-( What a surprise that our Mr. Landstrom is not the real JTT!?!? I am so shocked ;-) Anyways, I am in Canada right now for a few more weeks. I am staying at Ricks house here in Moncton, N.B. He's been in some cool bands. So he let me for the time I am here create my own e-mail account so I could keep in touch with peoples I know. He's a real nice guy, and his wife Tara made me cookies the day I got here! She's even nicer than him, but don't tell him I said that;-) So anyways I was at Solar Studios last week(I got here on the 29th of March) recording with Rick , Chris , Noah , and Tara. Our little groud is called "Molluscs". It's just a bunch of wacky shit that you would hate. Rick is trying to get Sappy to release our album, but Julie don't want to. I was talking to Mark the other day at Sonic Unyon and they may do it. But anyways you won't be able to buy it in America, it's only a Canadian release. People in Hali have been upset that they brought in an American into the band, but those Hali people are snots. So I play guitar and sing, Rick plays the bass, and sings, Noah plays on the drums, and sings, and Tara plays guitar, sings, and does some bongos, and some piano stuff. It's real heavy like metal. Ok so anyways I gotta go, Rick want's to smoke some grass, and I want to smoke some with him. It's cold here.

it gets worse. progressively worse.

Well as you can tell I am back in Texas. The record will be released around Sept. it is still untitled. I think Rick is going to title it. It will be released on Astronvigation as a Cassette. I find it odd that you have the nerve to be a regular on alt.fan.teen.idols I am no longer a part of all that shit. It bores me now, and I am old, tired and a musician. I get paid now Abba. I got 2000$'s dollars for my work up in Canada. When the tape is out I will receive 25cent royalty. But there will only be 100 pressed, and after that there will be no more Molluscs. I have a new hat. Sorry no tour is planed. I went out today and bought a 1990 Gibson SG. So now I have a real good guitar. I still find it funny, you and me. Ahhh the songs that I have written. I will be on a Ben Lee tribute album off of Teen Riot Records. A release date is still undecided. And I still am not sure which song I will cover. But it will be a good one, oh wait all of Ben Lee's stuff is good. I may cover "Household Name". And I know you'd like that one. It's about spent teen idols, and it is a hoot of a song. I have never been to Teledo. I had fun up in Canada. It was a riot. I met a bunch of cool people that taught me a lot about music, and the industry. Barbara Sedun want's me to give her a tape of the New Secret Jelly Donut Fanclub, but that will be around the end of June. I move next week to start college at CU in Boulder. So SJDF is coming with me. Too bad I never sent you a tape, you would of liked it. It's funny me and you. I guess, whatever never mind. Teen Idols still suck, they are the toy's of Satans brother Jeff. And I like Cinnamon Toast. Your still funny, and I am not. Oh well whatever I just got 2000$'s to play my guitar and hang out in Canada. So girl, I found myself, I still think, I still think I am dumb, but shit Rick phoned ME, and wanted to work with ME! So I must be good for something. A possible Secret Jelly Donut Fanclub tour for summer 98 is being planned, but may not happen, if it does, I will definitely come to Chicago, I'll even put you on the guest list so you don't have to pay, you can meet my family there too! Cuz they'll come and be stupid. Oh and I'll let you bring one quest too! Cuz baby now I am making money!

Ps. Rick loved your page, see babe, everyone loves you, and you just don't know it yet, wisdom comes with age, drive around the block, I know you have, but honey do it again, I still think your cool, and I still think your the Ice Princess

i feel dirty. so so dirty. can't get clean. must keep scrubbing skin w/ brillo pad.

Yes *THE* Rick, and I went bowling tonight. School starts June 2nd for the summer quarter, I bought a new CD. And it's AstroNavigation I missed typed it last time, I am a cult leader. Your fun, and I mean it, I once went to Hell, Michigan. No I didn't go to Canada to look for well hung young men, I like to eat pudding. I was there duh, SHMOOO! And it was fun, then a boat sunk. I am off next week to go back to Boulder, but I am leaving early so I can set shit up, and I like to dance. Did you know that the Internet has pictures of chix fuckin' dogs? I really like Kool-Aid. Then once there was this guy I knew and he really liked to eat food. And so I say's, "what's up with the ButterFinger?", and he say's back "no the light is burned out!", and then I say's "What I meant to say is nothing really smells like sulfur." And so he then say's "No really I lost my loli-pop!" And I say's "Oh yea I see! You mean rigamortis!" Anyways what's up with the New Jersey Devils? I mean shit, are they cool or something? DId I mention I went bowling? I played this video game tonight call Street Fighter Puzzle, it was real fun, and I hope it comes out on the Playstation. Did you know that it is heaven on earth? But I can't stay there, Do you sometimes feel that no one likes you? I am sorry. But by the way Nate say's HI!! He loves you. And so do I. Yr. my high school sweetheart, and when we marry we will be the people that do cool things, that like to sing cool songs, who do keen thing's like bowling. I was at Denny's tonight and there were all these Goth people there and it was cool, but I wish I had my cloak, but it's hot here and it wouldn't of been to cool to wear my cloak. Can I take you to town with the words that I have found? So I have a new guitar, and it's an SG and I paid 300$'s for it. And it's a good guitar too, it's the kind that Angus from AC/DC plays. My mother has never given me money, I always had to earn it by mowing the lawn and what not. Do your parents give you money? I have a job, and I make money from that. And Lloyd my boss even let me off of work so I could go to Canada. And Rick is real cool he smokes grass. I love my self and want to die, Kurt Cobain was murdered in a conspiracy that involved Courtney Love. Do you hate me? WhY ARE WE SO BLIND! Nevermind, I have drugs. And that's all that really matters right? Tower Records closes at 11pm. I hate myself cuz I let her write everything in the end. Babe, your the Queen of the Disenchanted Teens. Will you be my forth rite bride to be? I am half drunk off the drinks Nate mixed. Ashley is a bitch, and her mother too. SO the point at what I am trying to accomplish is this....You are a lonely girl. You can not handle the thought that other people have dreams, people that get off their ass and do something for the world. You don't like fame do you? You are jealous of people that look good, and have something going for them. But even with your page, you do it to get a negative response. You know it will piss people off. You do it so people will e-mail you nasty trash letters. I know this to be true, honey. I cared for you Kiersten. I know where you come from, I come from the same place. But, baby, live and learn, take the shit that has been given to you and turn it into gold. That's the only way to make it in this world. I start school on June 2nd, then what ever happens after that happens. If the band doesn't go anywhere, it doesn't, it wasn't in the stars. That's life, I roll with the punches. Take a gander, and learn from what people tell you. You can learn a lot. I have learned so much in the last year. Not to mention that I need to go to college. But you see, I have a dream, and I will die to make it come true. I have dreams and they are in color. Technicolor might I add. But Kiersten, damn it, why do you have so much hate running through your blood? I mean shit, yes teen idols send people the wrong idea about how this world really is. You can see that, I can see that, but some can't. They fall into the trap of fame, and dreams, just like me. But you see I play guitar, I have something. You have something. Use it, if you haven't found it then find it, it's there, somewhere. But why do you feel that you need to lambast people all the time? Do not deny this, don't act deranged, you can't stand when things don't change. Your not going to change the world with you web page, and I am not going to change the world with my music. I hope you have enjoyed this, a performance of David's Dark Light. I'll keep in touch babe. I'll let you in on more of my dark secrets. I'll tell you all of them, I have many more than what I told you in the past. And no I am not a boy-lover, I am not gay, maybe bi. But damn it, I like chix too much. Keep in touch Kiersten. I miss our e-mails babe. Glad you found this e-mail for on Friday the 25th it will be gone. But fear not the next time I e-mail you will be from Boulder. And it will come after my bands first gig in Boulder. So please, I'll keep in touch, the water has run out, soon I'll be gone, I go deeper than my beauty, she but out a story about her life, and I think it included something about me, my closet is empty, and my life untidy, I left the street in tangles, all around blood is mangled with her eye's, for she is my love, yet I can not look her in the eyes, for when I do they twist, turn, slide, and masturbate, all that I am in her, I am not just a boy, I am a joke, for it does not matter, I sing for her, and she swoons in my voice, I feel her heart when I rest my head upon her breasts, she sigh's, and I lay, inside her, is my child, and now I have a mission, I have reason, I am not so inclined to decide, I terminated the abortion, for I am not a killer, I can be a lover, but no there is no hate in my blood, as I twist, shiver, cajole,and masturbate.

um, fetch me a basin.

Well isn't visiting pretty. And you knew all along. I am not always funny, but I am always hilarious. Are you still on the JTT-list? Just wondering. Well Mike e-mailed me today, and told me some cool stuff, but what do you care. Not like my bands going to open for his band or anything the next time they come through Boulder/Denver or anything like that. The band that Mike is in is going on tour this summer, again. And he asked if I could open for them, and I said if we can we will. Cuz his band rocks. Well Rick e-mailed me last night and he picked a name for the molluscs tape, we are gonna call it..."6 More Inches Shorter". Do you think that is a suitable name? I think it's pretty chill. Well damn, I move on Saturday. Shit, I am outside now. Hey you ran me outta town! your so crazy! How come you hate me? :-( I am so sad that you hate me, it brings me to my knees and I cry for your soul. Do not worry I turned Catholic and I pray to Jesus to forgive you, my enema. Isn't knowing an up and coming musician cool? You can always tell your friends how much you hate my guts! Ain't that grand? I think it is. One of these day's you'll see me, and I will give you a record singed and all. You give me the will to succeed. All you say about mediocrity and the likes of me being a loser, it gives me the strength to do it, do it well, and to face you off! Hey I have an idea! I will always put some sort of reference about our relationship in all my video's! Some sort of something. Maybe I'll wear a T-shirt that say's "I LUV ABBACHILD" or "ABBACHILD RULZ", or maybe I'll put up a defaced picture of Joey on the bass drum(a real big on in fact), or how about I'll even be sure to have our big MTV video and I'll title it "abbachild@earthlink.net" or I could just do something that you will know it is me. Hey my buds in Superego were on MTV tonight! Can you believe that?!?! I can't. They were on Indie Outing, but they didn't play the whole video just a little bit of it! But I know those guy's we drink beer together! Hey did you see the new Foo Fighters video "Monkey Wrench"? It's cool, and I can't wait for the new CD! I don't know Dave Grohl or anything so don't ask for autographs. Ok well any ways I am going to Vancouver this summer, did I tell you that? Oh well what ever never mind I am not of a sane mind.

I pray to Jesus for you,
my enema.
mangled in the sheets.
You think oh how meek,
yet I am not weak.
It's a happy accident,
a pleasant circumstance.
The folks want to act deranged.
I am engaged and I act that way.
As I lie about my safe.
I say,
baby I'll pull out in time.
The biggest lie.
But it's all good,
in a shit n gigles sorta way.
Today I am near,
tomorrow I am faced with a flood.
Choose to run away,
or take my duty as a man.
Young and dumb,
stupid and a fool.
For the quick moment,
and the instant gratification.
I'll take my duty as a child.
For I pray to Jesus.
For you my enema.

You see you can't say shit about this stuff, cuz you know it is good, and you would die to be able to write lines like me. Give it up Abbachild your about as cool as Menudo. Show me your shit, I dare you No I triple dogg double dare you to strut your stuff. Go for it I await in anxiety.

but menudo *is* cool!

So you see's I got some dank assed, super sweet kind buds last night. Me's and Yancey got all high off of it. Then I gave what little grass I had left to Yancey, and I love her. Did I ever tell you that she's a striper? Oh whatever never mind. So my pals here threw me a going away party and all my bud's showed, so we just sat around laughing, smoking cigarettes and drank beer. My friend Nathan actually got drunk for the first time in his life. So anyways tomorrow morning this e-mail address will no longer be an option for me. I am deleting it at around 10am on the 25th of April. Too bad oh well what ever never mind the Nevermind. Ok I am off to work, hope your not happy :-)

Folks they wanna act deranged, they can't stand when things don't change.

oh yeah. i always thought yancey was a guy's name. oh well. if he wants to go out w/ a candy-striper named yancey, that's his business. better yancey than me.

the saga continues...

Back at cha, babe, honey, baby. I sure am gonna miss our lovely little e-mail insults. They were so much fun :-) But for now this chapter in my life is now closed. You brought me nothing but stress, and damn bad luck. I forever and now acknowledge that I never had any contact with you. I hope you realize that in the future I will deny all contact I ever had with you. I never knew you, and if you would like to remain in the dark you will also acknowledge that you never had contact with me either. I hope you will play it smart. I don't want to have you in my life later, spreading lies like you do so too damn well. I am more important than you in every way dark light girl. I do things that you only can dream of. Things that in your wildest of wettest of dreams you wish you could do. But you know that the strongest survive, the weak die in peril. That's why yous so cool in school eh? Might Is Right. And can't you think of a better insult than goat licker? Hmmm you are not as smart as you claim to be now are, honey?

I never knew you biotch,
Samiam Krowe

just when i thought he was gone for good, i got email from a djkarlkrack@juno.com...

Hey so I thought it would be appropriate to e-mail you on such a glorious week in teendom. Other than the fact that with the Hong Kong handover, the end is now beginning. So I am a college student now, and it is fun. I have a job but it sucks real bad like. I have been doing some lo-fi recording, but nothing with a band so far. I have been working with an old friend of mine and he and I are going to start a Black Metal band. So what I have been recording has just been mellow songs about, love, murder, and hate. I still haven't gotten out to see Wild America, and most likely will not get out to see it while it is in theaters. But oh well I am not to hip to the movie. But I have been seeing a lot of movies lately. Nothing more to report on this front.

i'm beginning to get a mental image of this guy. enormous red blotches all over his face... greasy brown hair in that long in the back, short in the front haircut that all those backwoods freaks sport. tight jeans. acid washed.

Yes I seem to have something wrong with me, as I write with a smile :-) No I am not going to be a big star....yet. And really I have found that I can lie myself out of any situation, and I will use it to my advantage in the future. No Secret Jelly Donut Fanclub DID NOT break up. Secret Jelly Donut Fanclub is now my solo project, along with the Zivago Orchestra, which is my satellite project, along with my friends Chris on bass, Adam on guitar/vox, and John on drums. It's real odd sorta Velvet Underground sorta Beckish stuff in a way. I hope to get that Black Metal band going soon with one of my old buddies. Now you keep saying how I have no friends, I have many friends, some live far away, in places such as Canada, and Australia. Some in Mass. some in other states. Here though my only friends all smoke dope , so I am right at home. So actually I am going to be in three bands, I will soon have my own TV show on Public access, and in Jan. I am going off to Washington State to college at Western Washington University. I am just going to community college to "get the feel of it". Ok well I am off, I don't really know why I keep writing you? It must be some sort of odd obsession with me. I am a little far to the left(mentally).

Ps. Devon Sawa a fuckin' ugly little puke, he's got big ole' teeth, and damn some one just hit him with an ugly stick. And shit I used to live right near him when I lived in Vancouver, crazy eh?

"People are always talkin' about fuckin' the system, The system is a hard thing to fuck..." Secret Jelly Donut Fanclub

public access. heh.

On Fri, 4 Jul 1997 11:51:49 -0600 the girl w/ a thorn in her side

>"Someday, ma, I'm gonna be on the tel-ly-vision! On the MTV!"
>The one thing I really can't stand about complete losers like yourself
>that no matter how many people tell you that you suck, you continue
>delusional and thinking you're going to "make it someday." Ha.

Not one person that hears the music I do tells me that it sucks, not one person...so far...well except for you!

>Did I ask? What makes you think I give a rat's ass?

Because it is your duty as a human being and a citizen of this planet, as a person that lives here on this earth it is your duty to feel love for all peoples. There is no logic in hate.

>No, I don't think you do have friends, because you have nothing better
>do than harass me. Get it through your fucking brain... I HATE YOU.

And you have nothing better to do but whine, lie, bullshit your way in life by telling people how you know what this world amounts too.

>A public access show.

It's a better gig right now than what you've got.

>Western Washington University? Obviously a big name university. Not
>mention reputable.

Obviously, yes, yes it is a reputable school, that is looked upon very highly, not to mention admired. It's in Bellingham, Wash. and well it's just a damn right fine school, I tell ya ;-)

And how will you find a way in life? Tell me, what are your plans, you never told me? Don't knock Community College's, you just may find yourself enrolled in a Community College one of these days. Knowledge can be achieved in any sort of fashion and way. You gain knowledge by working at Mc Donalds, listening to your Grandfather tell stories about "the good ole' days", writing a term paper on Chaos Theory, smoking grass, going to church. Name it and you may access from it the knowledge that it is just handing to you. Too bad your still in High School, you just don't have a clue about the harshness of this world. You can not fathom what awaits for you when you step foot into the real world. Be prepared, bring a gun, be sure to have a liter of Rum, and enough money to pay the rent. Get a job, feel what it is like to become a minimum wage salve. You think that you have amassed all this knowledge in you little head, you have collected nothing.

>Well, stop. You're fucking sick in the brain. You're delusional.
>think I like you or something. I *don't*.

We(as a people in general) all have our own little delusions. You for one think that it is fine to hate. You feel it is ok to reel people in then throw them out like small fish. Are you a Goth? You say it is ok to slander, lie, and defame people you have never met, people you will never meet. You belive in your soul, that you can willy-nilly say what you please with no regard to the person you are lying about. Do you have no morals? Are you so drawn to your hate, that it is the only thing you can comprehend? We all have our delusions of grander, you have yours, as I have mine. Live amongst the wicked, you in turn become wicked. Live about with the lovers, you in turn will dawn a new era as a lover.

>JTT is the man for you.

As you are for him.

>>"People are always talkin' about fuckin' the system, >>The system is a hard thing to fuck..." Secret Jelly Donut Fanclub

Ha HA!! You are so anti-authority. Damn the man, you say! Fuck the Fuzz in anyway! Overthrow the government you say! Down with man! You could go places, babe. Only if you didn't have so much hate and distrust for people you have never even met. Too bad it's been chosen for you my girl. Too bad you do not have the intuition to see ahead of the fog, the haze in your eyes. Too bad it is all just a game to you. A game that you let yourself be controlled by. It is a sad state this world, yeah it's a real shity fuckin' place, good by cruel world you tell yourself, tomorrow will be the day I die. Live for the moment take what little you can get and drink of it's blood. The blood it wills to you. You can complain how much you hate so and so, how you hate such and such. But what has it done for you? Nothing, for you have given it nothing in return. You sit behind your wall, and keep out what you hate. You don't let it in to show you that the world works in so many ways, that you couldn't even begin to learn it all, and learn it before you die. If you knew the secrets kept hidden for eon's, your hair would turn stark white, and you would then die a crazy person. Tell me when you see the light of passion. Tell me when you have opened your heart to someone who you love, and they in return love you. I am sorry for all your ill's and woe's that have begotten your soul. If I could fix your pain, my name would be God.

Ps. you are threatend by my intelignce are you not? You are threatened that I am continuing my education, something that you will not be able to do. I am sorry for your inflictions, you need to find yourself an addiction.

after a few weeks of peace, i find this in my joey lawrence makes me physically ill guestbook.

Name: D. Arkane
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: the erieconstilation
Time: 1997-08-29 08:07:00
Comments: The Driftspace, Leaves a painkill, Maggots, Cuts, and Covers, Like the pillow(green) under my head, I'm trying to kill you, J.R. says it funny, I have an arch nemisis, Cute cuts, and covers, The Driftspace, Leaves Novicane, Shit, Scrapes, and Burned, Like the sheets(blue) that wrap my head, Burn this birdge, It's the only way, Winch the Witch, Shit scrapes, it burns, Two times a day. It is funny, funny, funny, funny Breed Hate, Breeds Love Breed Love, Breeds Hate She loves the boy She loves the boy She loves the boy She loves the boy She loves the boy She loves the boy She loves the boy She loves the boy She loves the boy She loves the boy She loves the boy She loves the boy She loves the boy She loves the boy She loves the boy She loves the boy She loves the boy She loves the boy She loves the boy She loves the boy She loves the boy She loves the boy She loves the boy She loves the boy She loves the boy She loves the boy She loves the boy She loves the boy She loves the Boy Pratachild She is all alone She loves the lonely boy She is the lonley girl Bandchild What is the spoke Your joke It makes me choke You suck at everything that you do You suck at everything that you do You suck at everything that you do You suck at everything that you do Just like the boys tell you at school

this man makes a good case for not using drugs. later that same day, i received email from a cherry chevers.

Oh, today is a sad day, is it not? Why let them win? Why did you admit defeat? That is the first step to failure. I have spent too much time listening to other people, and their insecurities. I was taken aback when I decided to see if you updated GIMP, but alas I jetted to find the final update. It is too bad about the immaturity of some people. But as I said(before I learned of the death of GIMP) Breed Hate, Breeds Love, Breed Love, Breeds Hate, you taught me that. Some one has a new anit-JTT site up, but i forgot the URL, it's something ucla.film.tv.edu, something like that. Now I feel bad for signing yr. quest book ;-( Feel me while I cry, BRB... I am sorry for all the nasty things I have said in the past. I am an asshole, and I make you feel like one to. Ok so I am finally in another band, right now we are called DriftSpace. I am on vox/guitar. We paly a gig tonight at 1360, which is this real dumb under18 venue in town. It is city supported, and hey we are getting paid 200 bucks, so thats 50 bucks in my pocket. There are still no plans for a tour soon, but there is talk of a tape in a month(a real one pressed and 500 copies released), we have discussed a summer tour, but that may not fall through. Just remember if a summer tour does go down, we will go to Chicago, you are on the guest list, you and three of your friends. Godspeed, I'll miss you :-(

breed love breeds hate? i taught him that? sheesh. i better lay off the crack.

Wow your smarter than I gave you credit for, with your hip little finding me out as Baker. I make it easy dontchaknow. Too easy. But soon all my little Net cookies n stuff will be gone. I am changing ISP's in a week or two, actually when ever I get around to doing it. I am a busy college boy now dontchaknow, and a hip one too none the less ;-) Shit I work too. I got another job at a packing store. The cool thing about it is that the owner is training me, so that he can leave me in the store, alone, like a manager. Which is cool, I guess, hmmm something to put on a resume. Being in a store, having it all to myself, all alone, with a CD player, a hot glue gun, and Tootsie Rolls. Oh yea and my bosses ISP to ;-) Well that little ditty DriftSpace ain't doing so well. I didn't realize that two(of four) of the members were high school students. Plus the guitarist is stoned all the time, or drunk. So the drummer, Sean(of DriftSpace), my pals, Ethan(guitar, flute, vocals), Grant(violin), and Chris(bass) have started a CO. chapter of Secret Jelly Donut Fanclub. So along with the TX. Chapter of SJDF I have my little concept in practice(and that concept is...once a member of SJDF always a member, the name stays the same, the city is different, in TX we never really broke up, and when I go back to visit my Pa, well the TX. chapter lives on, it's a concept, dig?). Same name, different band, and once CD's get released, people will get very confused, and most of the sub-burbs won't catch the jive unless MTV tells em' to. Soon, baby, soon. I mean with TX. putting out a CD, then the CO. chapter, and then a Canadian Chapter(still in discussion stage), all releasing CD's within a two year span, baby it'll rock worlds, blow wads, fizzle minds. But on a sad note my girlfriend, Julia, is leaving for England on the 20th. I knew she was leaving for a while now, but I have been in denial about it the whole time, but now it has come true. She's been the only girl that I have enjoyed having sex with, she's the only girl that I have loved in a long time. And she is staying there for an indefinite period of time. Now I must sleep. I'll see you somewhere down the road, love. In a different space, some sort of simstim cyperspace, where I am the cowboy, and your the black ice.

any illinoisans out there want to start an il chapter w/ me?

My deck is all messed up n stuff and all. I am not sure, I fucked up d/l a Netscape Upgrade(from 4.03, to 4.04, I am anal) so now my Win95 is telling me that Netscape has performed an illegal operation...oh well I'll fix it later...MIE seems to be just as spanky...that's right no one loves me...oh wait..Mika and I are dating now n stuff...Hmmmm my Coke is cold now and I am thirsty....I hate everything as much as I hate me...

Ps...in the first week of February come to Boston, Mass---meet me at the firehouse cafe---Secret Jelly Donut Fanclub will be playing there---more on an exact date which is TBA, later---but the venue is set---my best friends Aunt owns the place---or something---me on bass.--- N.J. on drums---tapes $3, Tees(as of now $15, DOS $12)---Oh yeah---the latest SJDF tape has been but on a temp hiatus so I can concentrate on my solo project---will there be a new SJDF tape in 98? Only I can decide that fate

Tardis Broadcast~ Over~Out~

huh huh. he said anal.